Safety Precautions: Table Saw Operations:

Keep hands out of the line of cut when feeding table saws. Use a push stick when

close to the blade. Adjust saw to expose the least amount of saw blade above table and material being cut.

Always stand out of line of stock being ripped. Hold stock being cut against a gauge when cutting with a circular table saw. Always use the appropriate saw for the cut (it would be unsafe to rip with a crosscut

saw or to crosscut with a rip saw). Avoid crosscutting long boards on a table saw. Never adjust the saw or fence gauge while the saw is operating. Designate the line of cut on the table top with a permanent mark when setting the

gauge of a table saw without removing the guards. Always use a brush or stick to clean or scrape sawdust from a saw.

Ventilation Systems: Application:

Machines that develop fine dust or other airborne contaminants shall be equipped with effective industrial exhaust ventilation. In shops where small numbers of installed machines are not continuously in operation, portable collection systems may be used.

Exhaust Ducts and Pipes:

These shall be constructed and sized to minimize clogging. They shall discharge into an enclosed container.