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Turnaround Time >

Due to our large volume, our sign production schedule changes quite frequently. Four times a day to be exact. We have implemented an internal system where each stage in the manufacturing of your cnc routed sign project is handled by its own department, each led by an expert in that particular stage in signage production.

Because we have teams dedicated to the smallest of fabrication steps, we are comfortable advertising an (8) business day turnaround on just about any given size order. As an example, we often complete an entire apartment complex sign package in this timeframe. It is the better benefit of our internal structure.

There (as always) is a downside... the same warehouse full of people will touch every cnc routed sign project that comes through our door. For this reason we have a $300 project minimum, regardless of size. This unfortunately means we will not be the best source for a v-groove routed sign for a mailbox. There are several sources now online set up specifically for such projects. Honestly, we would not feel right charging you a project minimum for something you could get somewhere else for a quarter of the costs.

Please note that each sign project is made custom to order. Our artists are very strict in what passes through their hands - each sign is treated as its own 'piece of art.' This boils down to the possibility of a production delay if quality does not meet our standards. In these rare occasions, you will be contacted immediately and informed of the delay. We are here to make quality, eye-catching signage and displays that will last. Rest assured, we will do our job and over deliver.

Shipping Services >

We have shipping accounts with all the major carriers: Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, Airborne, Estes, Old Dominion, ABF Interstate Motor Carriers, to name a few. While we do offer discount shipping rates because of our high volume of global traffic, we are in no way responsible for the actions of any carrier once the products leave our docks

We are a Sign Manufacturer, NOT a shipping company.

As with any other business, it is the Customer's responsibility to pick up their orders. Competitors who have popped up since we initiated the online dimensional sign market may offer free shipping. Remember the common rule of thumb - you get what you pay for.

We offer these discount shipping rates as a courtesy for those who might not have shipping accounts. We will be more than happy to use your shipping company, and our facilities have docks to accommodate every style vehicle.

Each order is packaged to meet or exceed the requirements of all freight carriers. We consider each and every Project a piece of Art, and we take all measures to protect our Product to ensure a speedy, safe delivery.

Damaged Items >

Each crate that leaves our docks is insured for the full value of its contents. Should in the very rare incidence something get damaged during shipping, everything is covered.

If you receive a shipment that you believe is damaged, inform the delivery person immediately!

Open the package in front of the courier and inspect it. In these rare cases, we will at our discretion repair or replace the unit immediately.

Product Warranty >

We advertise our signage solutions as lifetime, maintenance free products. We have examples in every extreme weather climate imaginable, and (knock on wood) in our 15 years of business have YET to have had a single issue with the integrity of a single sign project. Your sales representative will be more than happy to provide you with references should you wish.

All of our items are custom made to order.
We have no return or refund policy.

In the rare case where there is a manufacturing or material defect,
we retain the right to either replace or repair that item.