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How Sign Shields, Awards & Plaques Are Made

Our sign shields, awards and plaques are produced using any given combination of sandblasting, cnc routing, hand carving and hand finishing.

We can not express enough the advantages of our housing all stages in signage production. Smaller companies outsource certain services, which leaves quality control up to a vendor who is more concerned with completion than the overall scope of the sign project. This typically results in a salesman trying to talk you into an inferior product as the results were not his fault. It's a 'lose lose' situation.

Each Member of our design team has worked their way up from EVERY stage in EVERY technology in EVERY dimensional signage style we offer. This way, we are able to provide you with a designer that knows the end results before starting sign project production. We pair each designer with their own sales representative, so you don't have to learn all the Industry jargon to ask for what you want. This is a 'win win' situation!

Example - What We Do For You >

This customer wanted their logo to look like a 3D embossed bronze plaque. Here is the art file we were supplied with.

customer supplied business logo faux bronze plaque

A typical example of a customer supplied business logo.

Our design team suggested the sign plaque be fabricated as a multiple depth sandblasted sign in HDU Sign Foam. After the unit was sandblasted, our sign painters sprayed the entire plaque in an automotive metallic bronze. This client wanted the sign plaque to appear aged, so our production team added patina effects to the unit, then emailed digital photography to the customer to ask if more aging effects were desired. Here is a picture of the final product before it left our docks.

completed faux bronze plaque aged patina effects

Allowing you to become involved in the process ensures you
get exactly what you want. This is our standard service!

Digital photography of where the display is to go, pictures of the interior and exterior of your facility or development, any art files you wish to incorporate, pictures you have seen on our site or another that you like... all help in better achieving your goal. Seriously! We even like receiving pictures of neighboring signage so that we can design a custom shield, award, or sign plaque solution that makes you look BEST!

Upon initial contact, please provide as much information
as you can about what you have in mind.