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Compare Costs To Cast Bronze Signs

We have all seen the metal plaques installed in local parks, trails, around memorials, and even embedded in the masonry around entrances of government buildings. This style of signage is known as "Cast Bronze Plaques."

Casting bronze is an art form that dates WAY back... to the Bronze Age actually. Commercial printing used to manually set each character as a "block" to make each "press plate" to print each page... this is the same process used in creating true cast bronze plaques.

Fortunately technology has greatly advanced the printing industry, allowing for greater control over typefaces and page layout. Unfortunately, the art of casting bronze can not be improved by technology.

Why do people still use casting for bronze plaques?

There is a traditional "look" to cast bronze. It suggests "this has been here a long time, and will be here forever." This is fine if purchased using tax dollars, but for the common project developer or home owner, the time frame (2-3 months) and expense is out of the question.

For these very reasons, we have developed material and finish combinations to offer our faux bronze plaque series.

While our faux bronze plaque series are not metal, the high density urethane material (HDU) is like metal in that it is a lifetime, maintenance free product. The only drawback - nothing is as hard as metal. HDU, like any other material (wood for example) is more susceptible to vandalism. Most of these projects are in high traffic public areas. Speak openly with your sales representative on the intended use. We have precautionary production measures to ward off vandals and protect your investment.

Unlimited Finish Options >

A great advantage to our faux bronze plaque series is the ability to control the final finish. We ave the ability to make your project look as if cast solid metal, your choice of metal, and even control the "age" appearance of the display.

The greatest advantage of our faux bronze plaque series is the costs and timeframe to receive your product. Typical turnaround time is 8-10 business days regardless of order size, and the costs are typically half the price of true cast bronze plaques.

sign plaque patina copper sign plaque faux solid coppersign plaque cast aluminum

This are just a few of the sign plaque finishes we can achieve.

We are a truly unique graphic design firm in that all production stages of our unique 3D displays are performed in-house. Our 37,000 square foot facility houses master sign artists in every production area of our unique shields, awards and sign plaque displays. Award winning graphic designers take or create your identity and offer suggestions that will minimize costs and maximize complements.

Sign Design and Fabrication stocks an endless supply of sign materials, and is always up to date with the latest sign industry technologies. We have your every need, and all under one roof.