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How Custom Logo Displays Are Made

Image is everything in today's business. When a customer enters your facility, what is the image you present? In addition to any exterior signage you have in place that attracts clientele into your commercial establishment, also consider interior sign displays to show that you mean business!

Lobby Displays
Reception Area Signs
Conference Room Wall Logo
Interior Traffic Markers

By combining an endless material selection with the latest in all fabrication methods, we are able to offer cutting edge interior lobby, reception, and corporate branding displays that look twice the production costs.

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routing is a clean, crisp production style for both interior and exterior displays.

The example below is just one of many production styles we offer, others include 3D modeling, sandblasted, v-groove and straight channel cut routing, and hand carving.

Step One >

Computer files are supplied by you, the customer or are created in-house by our design department. The files are saved in "vector" format which means that the letters and shapes are created using a series of paths and nodes that the router can interpret.

how lobby displays are made step one

Step Two >

We 3-D Model all logo elements to determine the best dimensional effects. We take into consideration depth, material thickness, material combinations, and of course costs.

how lobby displays are made step two

Step Three >

We computer route each element it its respective material and thickness. Corporate Pantone color matched pieces are taken to our spray booth, primed, and painted in the appropriate luster.

In most cases, our displays look better when fully assembled and mounted to some form of backboard. We can of course have 'fun' with this portion of the Project, as you can see by our swiss cheese pattern in frosted glass vinyl on an off-angle oval. Not only does a backboard add yet another level of complexity, but is also allow us to ship your unit so it simply hangs like a picture frame (rather than having to apply each individual element to the wall).

how lobby displays are made step three

Please ask your sales representative of the numerous advantages and disadvantages of specific material combinations, fabrication styles, and to to help determine if your lobby display project should be backboard mounted.