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Monument LED Leasing and Financing Programs

Leasing is the fastest growing method of purchasing business equipment in the United States and one of the most popular ways to obtain one of our systems. A lease is a simple agreement between you and a leasing company that allows you to have one of our outstanding SDF PRODUCTS in your business for a fixed monthly fee.

Click Here for the First Pacific Funding Lease Application.

With just a one-page application, you can arrange a lease from 24 to 60 months in length. SDF Financial Leasing Programs are very special!  Why? Study these highlights:

Our program covers Churches - Church Monuments with LEDs can easily qualify for financing

Our program covers Retailers' - A retailer can finance an LED as equipment

Our program covers LED Billboards

Our program covers State and Municipal governments

Our program covers Schools, Colleges and other State and/or Federal certified organizations

Our program covers Non-Profit Entities

Our Leasing Program is one of the most competitive in the industry with interest rates is under 10%. in most circumstances (15%-18% is customary out there)

Our Leasing Program provides for partial prepayment to SDF so that SDF has the funds to build your UNIQUE PRODUCT

First Pacific Funding offers flexible credit standards and very competitive rates. At the end of your lease, you will own the equipment upon making your final payment. First Pacific Funding will structure your lease with either a $1.00 buyout or a 10% buyout as the final payment -it's your choice.

Advantages of Leasing

In some ways, leasing provides more benefits than ownership. For starters, it leaves your other credit lines intact. With a loan, your credit lines are typically reduced, but with a lease, your banker will usually maintain your full lines of credit. Thus, leasing preserves your access to cash. In addition, a lease can be shown as a footnote -not a liability -on your financial statements, helping you to maintain healthy financial ratios. Finally, your lease payments may qualify as a 100% tax deductible operating expense. Watch your productivity and profits increase with one of our PRODUCTS, and watch your low payment lease from First Pacific Funding!

Applying for a Lease

First Pacific Funding makes leasing simple with fast and flexible same-day credit decisions. After determining the PRODUCTS you want in your business, simply download the one-page application, fill it in, and press "Submit Application." or fax it toll free to First Pacific Funding at 1-877-953-3555.

If you prefer to complete your application in five minutes right over the phone, contact Jeff O'Day at First Pacific Funding at 1-877-953-2733 Ext. 203.

Get into one of our PRODUCTS for as low as $50.00 per month! Leasing is as Easy as 1 -2 -3

Step 1: Click on this link and fill out an application.

Step 2: Financing Documents will be emailed to you.

Step 3: Sign documents and we will have them picked up from your business.

You're done! We will then design, build and ship your PRODUCTS!

New businesses can qualify for $50,000 at a great rate!

$20 down to start then and $99 for first 6 months also available*

60 and 90 day deferred payment plans*

Seasonal Payment Plan -only 9 payments out of 12 months!*

Step up program -reduced payments for first 12 months over 36-60 month lease*

Annual, Semi-Annual & Quarterly payments. For those customers that would like 1,2 or 4 payments per year*

*Requirements: 2 years in business and O.A.C.

Other Leasing Companies

First Pacific Funding has enjoyed a twelve year relationship with Spray-Tech providing same-day credit decisions, competitive rates, and outstanding customer service. Spray-Tech customers enjoy working with First Pacific because they provide such high quality service. If you prefer to use another leasing company, you certainly may, but be sure to research who you are doing business with. Leasing companies that solicit the end users (you) tend to have higher rates. The majority of our customers have found First Pacific Funding is more competitively priced then the companies that you may currently be working with. Be sure to get a comparison quote from First Pacific.

For a quick quote, please fill out the following form! Click the button below:

Complete our Leasing Application.

LED Excellence and Monument Excellence Series

LED Excellence and Monument Excellence Series.

Ask our competitors if they are 'Virtual' or 'True' pitch!

We thank you for your interest in our LED Excellence Series electronic sign panels. From the initial design concepts, fabrication, testing, packaging and scheduled job site delivery, we have you covered... and will make you look fantastic!

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