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Sign Monument Sign Panel Graphics Styles

Any graphic elements are to be attached to our sign monument structures as separate elements. We will gladly produce the Monument Form alone should you wish to attach your own graphics. In this case, please help yourself by informing your Sales Rep the style and mounting method you plan on using so that we can take steps on our end to make things easy for you once the project arrives.

Should you desire us to apply graphics (recommended), here are the different styles we offer...

Sandblasted Sign Panels >

Description: Outer border and all graphic elements embossed up, background blasted down.

sandblasted graphic sign panel style

V-Groove Routed Sign Panels >

Description: Solid sign panel (smooth) with all graphics prismatic embossed down.

v-groove graphic sign panel style

Routed Letters and Logos >

Description: All elements individually cut & direct structure mounted (no 'background').

routed letters and logos graphic sign panel style

There is no difference in product quality or longevity...
"It is a matter of personal taste."

As your sales representative for more information on specific details. We are here to help you with your decisions, and will make all suggestions to ensure your sign investment is wise, tailored to your needs, and will last a long, long time.