To establish SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. Policy and procedures regarding Management’s and Employee(s)’s response to various emergency situations. Examples of an emergency are fire, tornado, earthquake, and bomb threat.


The procedures cover the following topics:

  1. Fire Reporting and Response
  2. Evacuation
  3. Tornado Preparation and Emergency
  4. Bomb Threat
  5. First Aid
  6. Hazardous Material Spill
  7. Earthquake

8. Robbery Policy:

SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. has developed plans that address emergency situations that may arise in SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. locations and which may threaten human health and safety, and damages SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. assets. Management is responsible for implementing the Emergency Action Plans. These Emergency Action Plans will meet the following objectives:

  1. Provide a means of notifying Employee(s), customers and local authorities of an emergency situation.
  2. Provide for a safe and orderly method of evacuation of Employee(s) and customers from SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. premises.
  3. Account for all Employee(s) who occupied SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. premises at the time of evacuation, should one occur.
  4. Provide emergency first aid treatment or summon emergency medical assistance for injured individuals.