If the victim appears to have injured his or her neck or spine, or is unable to move his or her arm or leg, do not attempt to move the victim unless it is absolutely necessary.


Loosen the victim's tight clothing.

Give the victim "sips" of cool water.

Make the victim lie down in a cooler place with the feet raised.


Every state has a Workers’ Compensation Law to provide benefits to Employee(s) for lost wages and medical bills resulting from a work related injury or illness. You are covered under Workers’ Compensation. You may request Workers’ Compensation benefits from your supervisor. Qualification for benefits is determined by the state, not SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. Your responsibilities are to keep appointments, follow all doctors’ instructions on and off the job, maintain good communication with your supervisor, and to fully cooperate with all instructions you are given.

Workers’ Compensation provides wages normally at a lower pay scale than what you may earn by working

Doesn’t it make sense to be safe so that you don’t want to be out on WorkersCompensation?