A number of environmental and behavioral measures have been proposed for reducing occupational violence and homicides in high-risk establishments and occupations. These measures include the following:


Occupational violence and homicide is a serious public health problem, but many employers and workers may be unaware of the risk. No current OSHA regulations apply specifically to occupational violence or homicide, but a great need exists for worker protection from intentional injury in the workplace.

High-risk workplaces include taxicab establishments, liquor stores, gas stations, detective/protective services, justice/public order establishments, grocery stores, jewelry stores, hotels/motels, and eating/drinking places. High-risk occupations are taxicab drivers/chauffeurs, law enforcement officers (police officers/sheriffs), hotel clerks, gas station workers, security guards, stock handlers/baggers, store owners/managers, and bartenders. Employers in these high-risk establishments and occupations need to be aware of the risk for homicide and take steps to ensure a safe workplace.


NIOSH recommends that the following steps be taken to prevent occupational injuries and homicides. The Company will take these steps:

Evaluate the factors or situations in the workplace that may place workers at risk, and

Carefully consider intervention efforts that might minimize/remove risk.