For purposes of this Policy, violence is defined as the deliberate and wrongful violation, damage, or abuse of other persons, self, or property and includes threats of violence. Acts of violence and threats thereof include, but may not be limited to:

It is important that all threats be taken seriously. The threat should not be ignored in the hope that it will resolve itself or out of fear of triggering an outburst from the person who has lodged the threat. If someone poses a danger to him or others, appropriate authorities should be notified and action should be taken.

It is Company Policy to notify the police if any employee is threatened by anyone.

In developing this program, all sites shall consider the following:

1) A site-specific workplace violence Policy and plan that includes written objectives and requirements for all organizational elements and incorporates the overall company Policy in identifying and addressing threatening workplace behavior.

2) A review and approval of each plan by the Safety and Health Manager. Specific protocols to be considered in the approval of such plans include:

a) Establishment of crisis assessment and response teams to include all interested stakeholders;

b) Maintenance of information on incidents of violence for review and analysis;

c) Establishment of a procedure for Employee(s) to confidentially report threatening situations and other relevant information to Management

3) An awareness program for workplace violence prevention which should include:

a) Initial awareness and response orientation and instruction for Management and supervisors;

b) Initial awareness orientation and information for workers, including new employee orientation as necessary;

c) Refresher awareness training on an as needed basis for all Employee(s).