An average of 20 workers is murdered each week in the United States. The majority of these murders are robbery-related crimes. In addition, an estimated 1 million workers are assaulted annually in U.S. workplaces. Most of these assaults occur in service settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, and social service agencies. Factors that place workers at risk for violence in the workplace include interacting with the public, exchanging money, delivering services or goods, working late at night or during early morning hours, working alone, guarding valuables or property, and dealing with violent people or volatile situations.

The Company recognizes workplace violence as a serious occupational problem. In a June 1996 report, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published data that revealed homicide has become the second leading overall cause of occupational injury and death, exceeded only by motor-vehicle-related deaths. This report also identified homicide as the leading cause of occupational injury and death for female workers. The Northwestern National Life notes the seriousness of workplace violence in their 1993 report, which states that of every four full-time workers, one is harassed, threatened, or attacked on the job each year. Many incidents can be avoided by Employee(s) who are able to recognize early warning signs of potential violence, know when and how to report concerns, and know how to implement the steps to defuse situations before they become violent.

Purpose and Scope:

The purpose of this Policy is to provide a safe workplace free from aggressive, threatening, or violent acts through the development and implementation of an effective program that provides a safe workplace. The provisions of this Policy apply to all work sites owned or controlled by the Company and at which work is performed for the Company.


It is the Policy of the SIGN DESIGN &FABRICATION, INC. to provide a safe workplace for its Employee(s). To this end, all elements of the Company are expected to implement a program to prevent and respond to violence in the workplace.