All Employee(s) will comply with the provisions of the OSHA Health Act of 1970. Therefore, any Employee(s) who, knowingly commits an unsafe act or creates an unsafe condition, disregards the safety Policy, or is a repeated safety or health offender, will be discharged. Grounds for immediate discharge are:

1) Drinking alcohol, and/or drug abuse prior to or during working hours

2) Fighting

3) Theft

4) Willful damage to property

5) Failure to wear eye protection, hearing protection, safety helmets, etc.

6) Not using safety harnesses and lanyards when there is a potential for falling

7) Removing and/or making inoperative safety guards on tools and equipment

8) Removing barriers and/or guardrails and not replacing them

9) Failure to follow recognized industry practices

10) Engaging in dangerous horseplay

11) Failure to notify SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. of a hazardous situation

The following safety and accident activities will be adhered to:

1) Report all injuries immediately to your supervisor

2) Notify your supervisor should you become ill while on the job

3) Inform you supervisor if you have a disability or physical handicap

4) Never move an injured or ill person, unless to prevent further injury

Both Minor and Major safety violations will be documented and a copy of the below SAFETY HAZARD FORM (or the current equivalent Form at the time of Citation) will become part of the Employee(s)’s personnel record.

Citations can lead to Termination of Employment!