Common OSHA Violations (continued)

  1. Failing to provide electrical boxes and fittings with an approved cover, or failing to ground metal covers.
  2. Disconnects, circuit breakers, and other over-current devices aren’t legibly and permanently labeled.
  3. Tongue guard on grinder is more than ¼” from the edge of the stone.
  4. Missing or inadequate machine guarding.
  5. Work rest is missing or more than 1/8” from a grinding wheel.
  6. Not providing a suitable eyewash or shower.
  7. Persons without respirators performing tasks that require respirators.
  8. Written standard operating procedures governing the use and selection of respirators shall be established.
  9. Employers shall make conveniently available protectors suitable for the task to be performed. Protective eye, head, face, body, feet and hand equipment shall be provided when there is reasonable probability of injury.
  10. A Platform four feet or more from the ground is not provided with a standard railing (and toe board) where required.
  11. Broken or damaged ladders being used.
  12. Furniture, barrels, boxes, or other devices used in lieu of ladders.