B. Gas or Vapor Air-Purifying

If, when using a gas or vapor respirator (chemical cartridge or canister), any of the warning properties (e.g., odor, taste, eye irritation, or respiratory irritation) occur, promptly leave the area and check the following:

If no discrepancies are observed, replace the cartridge or canister. If any of the warning properties appear again, the concentration of the contaminants may have exceeded the cartridge or canister design specification. When this happens an airline respirator or SCBA is required.

C. Service Life of Air-Purifying Respirator Canisters and Cartridges

The canisters or cartridges of air-purifying respirators are intended to be used until filter resistance precludes further use, or the chemical sorbent is expended as signified by a specific warning property, e.g., odor, taste, etc. New canisters, cartridges or filters shall always be provided when a respirator is reissued. When in doubt about the previous use of the respirator, obtain a replacement canister or cartridge.

D. Supplied Air Respirator

When using an airlines respirator, leave the area immediately when the compressor failure alarm is activated or if an air pressure drop is sensed. When using a SCBA leave the area as soon as the air pressure alarm is activated.

Maintenance and Issuance of Respirators:


The maintenance of respiratory protective devices involves a thorough visual inspection for cleanliness and defects (i.e., cracking rubber, deterioration of straps, defective exhalation and inhalation valves, broken or cracked lenses, etc.). Worn or deteriorated parts will be replaced prior to reissue. No respirator with a known defect is reissued for use. No attempt is made to replace components, make adjustments or make repairs on any respirator beyond those recommended by the manufacturer. Under no circumstances will parts be substituted as such substitutions will invalidate the approval of the respirator. Any repair to reducing or admission