4. Deterioration of all rubber parts

  1. Regulator mechanism
  2. Lens of face pieces
  3. Warning alarm (self-contained units)
  4. Seal on cartridge package

f. Location and Storage of Respirators: Location and storage of all respiratory devices shall be controlled by the Safety and Health Manager. When the need for respiratory equipment is anticipated, approval by the Safety and Health Manager should be obtained in advance.

After inspection, cleaning, and any necessary minor repairs, store respirators to protect against sunlight, heat, extreme cold and excessive moisture, damaging chemicals or other contaminants. Respirators placed at stations and work areas for emergency use shall be stored in compartments built for that purpose, shall be quickly accessible at all times and will be clearly marked. Routinely used respirators, such as half-mask or full-face air-purifying respirators, shall be placed in sealable plastic bags. Respirators may be stored in such places as lockers or tool boxes only if they are first placed in carrying cases or cartons. Respirators shall be packed or stored so that the face piece and exhalation valves will rest in a normal position and not be crushed. Emergency use respirators shall be stored in a sturdy compartment that is quickly accessible and clearly marked.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus: Emergency respirators in carrying cases shall be located in areas designated by the Safety and Health Manager. These respirators are provided for emergency situations only and for use by authorized personnel. Any conditions requiring the use of these devices shall be reported to Safety and Health Manager.
Special Requirements for Confined Spaces: In areas immediately hazardous to life or health, self-contained breathing apparatus, air line respirators or hose masks with blowers shall be used. For emergency rescue, a standby person with suitable self-contained breathing apparatus shall be at the nearest fresh air base. Communications (visual, voice or signal line) shall be maintained between all individuals present.

Persons using air line respirators and hose masks with blowers shall be equipped with safety harnesses and safety lines for lifting or removing them from hazardous atmospheres, or other equivalent provisions for rescue from hazardous atmospheres shall be used. More details concerning respiratory protection for confined space entry can be found in the Company’s Confined Space Program.