3. Reports any malfunction of respiratory protective equipment to the immediate supervisor.

Responsibilities: (continued)

c. Others

Personnel, such as Employee(s), inspectors, and visitors, who must enter an area where the use of respiratory protective equipment is required, even when their stay time in the area may be 15 minutes or less, shall be provided with and use appropriate equipment, including instructions regarding use and limitations. Personnel shall be fit tested and medically qualified to wear the respirator being issued prior to entry to the site.

Contractors are required to develop and implement a respiratory protection program for their Employee(s) who must enter into or work in areas where exposure to hazardous materials can not be controlled or avoided. This program must meet OSHA regulations and include issuance of respirators, medical evaluations, fit testing and training.

d. Safety and Health Manager

  1. Develops and implements all aspects of the respiratory protection program.
  2. Develops training programs and standard operating procedures to fulfill the requirements of existing OSHA regulations and amendments.
  3. Purchases, selects, inspects, maintains, cleans, stores, and fit tests respiratory protective equipment.
  4. Periodically inspects and replaces all respiratory protective devices stored for emergency use.


a. Selection – Respirators shall be selected on the basis of the potential hazards to which the worker is exposed. The following factors shall be ascertained by the Health and Safety Branch to ensure that the device selected for the employee will provide satisfactory protection when used properly:

  1. Chemical, physical, and toxicological properties of the contaminant(s).
  2. Review of actual and potential hazards to assess extent of injurious effects produced under all conditions of potential exposure.
  3. Evaluation of the duties to be performed by the wearer as they relate to restriction of movement and duration of potential exposure.