a. Supervisor

Supervisors will ensure each employee under his or her supervision using a respirator has received appropriate training in its use and an annual medical evaluation. Supervisors will ensure the availability of appropriate respirators and accessories, provide adequate storage facilities, and encourage proper respirator equipment maintenance. Supervisors must be aware of tasks requiring the use of respiratory protection, and ensure all Employee(s) engaged in such work use the appropriate respirators at all times. The Supervisors are responsible for the following:

  1. Ensures that all Employee(s) who wear respiratory protective devices are thoroughly trained in their use.
  2. Provides Employee(s) with the respiratory protection appropriate for the operation, and ensures the use of such devices.
  3. Identifies potentially hazardous conditions and immediately notifies the Safety and Health Manager for corrective action.

Supervisors shall contact the Safety and Health Manager prior to non-routine work which may expose workers to hazardous substances or oxygen deficient atmospheres. Examples of work which may require the use of respirators includes, but are not limited to:

b. Employee

  1. Uses respiratory protective equipment as instructed and required under hazardous agent protocols.
  2. Stores respirator properly to prevent damage and inspects prior to each use.