KEY OFF Procedures (continued) Check the engine oil level Examine the battery Inspect the hydraulic fluid level Check the engine coolant level KEY ON Procedures Test the standard equipment Front, tail, and brake lights Fuel gauge (if diesel) Windshield wiper Heater ENGINE RUNNING Procedures Check the gauges Oil pressure indicator lamp Ammeter indicator lamp Ammeter Hour Meter Water Temperature Gauge Test the standard equipment Steering Brakes Horn Safety seat (if equipped) Check the operation of load-handling attachments Check the transmission fluid level

GENERIC CHECKLIST FOR POWERED INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS Overhead Guard - Are there broken welds, missing bolts, or damaged areas?

Hydraulic Cylinders - Is there leakage or damage on the lift, tilt, and attachment functions of the cylinders?

Mast Assembly - Are there broken welds, cracked or bent areas, and worn or missing stops?

Lift Chains and rollers - Is there wear or damage or kinks, signs of rust, or any sign that lubrication is required?

Is there squeaking?

Forks - Are they cracked or bent, worn, or mismatched?