Identify at least one person to:
Receive and respond promptly to reports about signs and symptoms of MSDs, WMSD hazards and recommendations
Take action, where required, to correct identified problems
Communicate regularly with Employee(s) about the program and their concerns about WMSDs. This shall be accomplished through safety and health committees, postings on employee bulletin boards and routine safety training meetings.

Employee(s) will be provided:

A way to report signs and symptoms of WMSDs and WMSD hazards, and to make recommendations about appropriate ways to control them. Reporting procedures include notification of immediate supervisor, ergonomic suggestion forms and medical Management forms. Any one of these methods constitutes a means of reporting and will require action on the part of the Safety and Health Manager.
Prompt responses to their reports and recommendations. 48 hour response will be provided for all reports of WMSDs and WMSD hazards..
Access to information about the ergonomics program. This program is available to all Employee(s) for review.
Ways to become involved in developing, implementing and evaluating:
Job hazard analysis and control. This is accomplished by participation on safety & health committees, suggestions for supervisors and Management, review and comment on existing job hazard analysis and other appropriate means of communication.
Training. Feedback from Employee(s) on the quality and usefulness of ergonomic training will be reviewed by the program administrator to be used for training modifications to improve effectiveness.

(iii) The effectiveness of the program and control measures. Safety & Health Committees are the primary means of employee involvement in this area. Additionally, all comments, recommendations and suggestions will be forwarded to the program administrator for action and response comment.