Single lens goggles provide similar protection to spectacles and may be worn in combination with spectacles or corrective lenses to insure protection along with proper vision.

c) Welders/Chippers Goggles. These goggles are available in rigid and soft frames to accommodate single or two eye piece lenses.

Welder’s goggles provide protection from sparking, scaling or splashing metals and harmful light rays. Lenses are impact resistant and are available in graduated shades of filtration.

Chippers/grinders goggles provide eye protection from flying particles. The dual protective eye cups house impact resistant clear lenses with individual cover plates.

d) Face Shields. These normally consist of an adjustable headgear and face shield of tinted/transparent acetate or polycarbonate materials, or wire screen. Face shields are available in various sizes, tensile strength, impact/heat resistance and light ray filtering capacity. Face shields will be used in operations when the entire face needs protection and should be worn to protect eyes and face against flying particles, metal sparks, and chemical/ biological splash.

e) Welding Shields. These shield assemblies consist of vulcanized fiber or glass fiber body, a ratchet/button type adjustable headgear or cap attachment and a filter and cover plate holder. These shields will be provided to protect workers’ eyes and face from infrared or radiant light burns, flying sparks, metal spatter and slag chips encountered during welding, brazing, soldering, resistance welding, bare or shielded electric arc welding and oxyacetylene welding and cutting operations.

The Safety and Health Manager maintains a supply of various eye and face protective devices. Personnel requiring prescription safety glasses must contact the Safety and Health Manager.

Emergency Eyewash Facilities:

Emergency eyewash facilities meeting the requirements of ANSI Z358.1-1981 shall be provided in all areas where the eyes of any employee may be exposed to corrosive materials. All such emergency