If these personnel wear personal glasses, they shall be provided with a suitable eye protector to wear over them.

Eye and Face Protection- (continued)


Eye and face protectors procured, issued to, and used by Company personnel must conform to the following design and standards:

a) Provide adequate protection against the particular hazards for which they are designed

b) Fit properly and offer the least possible resistance to movement and cause minimal discomfort while in use.

c) Be durable.

d) Be easily cleaned or disinfected for or by the wearer.

e) Be clearly marked to identify the manufacturer.

f) Persons who require corrective lenses for normal vision, and who are required to wear eye protection, must wear goggles or spectacles of one of the following types:

1) Spectacles with protective lenses which provide optical correction.

2) Goggles that can be worn over spectacles without disturbing the adjustment of the spectacles.

3) Goggles that incorporate corrective lenses mounted behind the protective lenses.

Description and Use of Eye/Face Protectors:

a) Safety Spectacles. Protective eye glasses are made with safety frames, tempered glass or plastic lenses, temples and side shields which provide eye protection from moderate impact and particles encountered in job tasks such as carpentry, woodworking, grinding, scaling, etc.

b) Single Lens Goggles. Vinyl framed goggles of soft pliable body design provide adequate eye protection from many hazards. These goggles are available with clear or tinted lenses, perforated, port vented, or non-vented frames.