SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. owned or borrowed or lent vehicles are to be operated in a safe manner consistent with local, state and federal laws. All accidents must be reported promptly according to procedures outlined below. The use of vehicles is limited to necessary Company business.

Personnel permitted to drive vehicles (e.g. Company automobiles, delivery vehicles, trucks, forklifts, tractors, loaders, back hoes, bobcats, mowers, etc.) must demonstrate the knowledge and ability to operate the equipment safely to the satisfaction of a qualified examiner.


Driver’s Supervisor:
  1. Ensure that Employee(s) under his/her supervision who drive vehicles possess a valid state driver’s license.
  2. Ensures that vehicles are used only for official Company business and carries only Company Employee(s) who are authorized passengers.
  3. Ensures all operators of powered industrial trucks are properly trained in the operation of the vehicles.
  4. Ensures all vehicle drivers have the necessary medical examinations to ensure that the driver is physically qualified to operate the equipment.
  5. Regularly inspects vehicles and vehicle systems.
  1. Carries the required, valid state driver’s license
  2. Inspects daily the vehicle before it is used. Items to be checked should include the forks, batteries, wheels, cables, lights, horns, back-up alarm, mirrors, steering, brakes, tires and controls.
  3. Reports any defects or malfunctions to the supervisor immediately. Employee(s) will not use any malfunctioning vehicle if the defect impairs the safe operation or use of the vehicle.
  4. Operates equipment safely and in accordance to operating instructions.
  5. Wears appropriate protective equipment at all times.