SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. acknowledges that mechanical motion is potentially hazardous. Motion hazards, such as rotating devices, cutting or shearing blades, in-running nip points, reciprocating parts, linear moving belts and pulleys, meshing gears, and uncontrolled movement of failing parts, are examples of motion and peculiar to any one machine or job operation. Personnel working within areas where they are exposed to machinery or equipment hazards must be aware of the potential for accidents. Machine operators and others are exposed to moving parts and can get clothing or body parts caught in the machinery.

Personnel Training:

Personnel will be trained to:

  1. Safely operate each machine they will be required to use
  2. To recognize potential accident producing situations, and
  3. To know what to do when hazards are discovered.

Only personnel who have been thoroughly trained, or those who are undergoing supervised on-the-job training on the equipment, will be permitted to operate machinery.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Eye protection or face shields will be worn by all personnel within areas where

machines are operated. Loose fitting clothing, neckties, rings, bracelets, or other apparel that may become entangled in moving machinery will not be worn by machine operators or their helpers.

Hair nets or caps will be worn to keep long hair away from moving machinery. Gloves will not be worn where there is a chance of them being caught in machinery. Ear plugs or muffs are always required for worker protection.