b. Shovels, hoes, and cultivators shall be kept sharp, used in moist soil, and placed where

stepping on the cutting surface will not cause the handle to strike a person.

6. Fertilizer Storage and Handling:

Fertilizer can become a very combustible material and, at temperatures in excess of 130 degrees F, it may explode. When fertilizers become wet and start to decompose, they give off a gas that will burn. Some fertilizers give off a very toxic gas when burning. No more than 2,500 tons of fertilizer shall be stored in a building unless that building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system.
When spreading fertilizer, pellets shall not be directed toward other personnel. If personnel enter the area, the spreader shall be turned off. Fertilizer spreaders shall be cleaned and lubed daily. Safety glasses and gloves shall be worn during fertilizing spreading operations.

7. Herbicides:

The use of herbicides for weed control poses a significant potential safety and health hazard. Herbicides shall be applied per manufacturer’s instructions and used only by certified personnel. Due to the absorption properties of herbicides, coveralls shall be worn during application, in addition to safety goggles and appropriate respiratory protection, as required.