All Company Employee(s) that are required to use and operate or work closely with a powered industrial truck and/or forklift must be trained to operate the equipment. Motorized industrial trucks and forklifts are a vital and necessary tool that enables the Company to conduct its business efficiently and safely.

Powered industrial trucks are defined as forklifts, platform lift trucks, power sweepers, motorized pallet jacks and all other motorized vehicles used on the Company’s premises. The Company will insure that all industrial trucks are inspected daily for safety and mechanical operability. Any industrial truck found to be defective or unsafe will not be used until the defect or unsafe condition is repaired and/or remedied.

Employee Certification:

Employee(s) must meet the following requirements before they are “certified” to operate a powered industrial truck:

operate the industrial truck to include: a) Epilepsy b) Mental, nervous, or other functional or psychiatric disorder c) Arthritis, neuromuscular, or vascular disease

The Supervisor will provide on-the-job training about how to physically operate the powered industrial truck and additional supervised training as necessary.