After the initial justification for each position has been approved, the requesting office should reassess and resubmit justification every year.

If a position is approved for the use of a vehicle between residence and place of employment based on field work, the approval is only in effect when an employee is actually engaged in field work and should not be interpreted as authorization to use the vehicle at anytime other than when conducting field work.

C. Documentation of home-to-work transportation

Each employee using a vehicle between his or her residence and place of employment ill maintain a record identifying the vehicle used (license plate number), destination, starting and ending mileage and purpose of trip. This record will be turned into the Fleet Manager monthly. The record(s) shall be maintained together with the request for and approval of the use of a government vehicle between residence and place of employment. These records shall be readily available for audit until disposed of according to established records Management procedures.

Motor Vehicle Operator Instructions:

Supervisors shall inform all operators of Company vehicles concerning:

A. The statutory requirement that Company motor vehicles shall be used only for official purposes;

B. Personal responsibility for safe driving and operation of Company motor vehicles, and for compliance with Federal, State, and local laws and regulations including any penalties incurred for violations thereof, and all accident reporting requirements;

C. The penalties for unauthorized use of government motor vehicles;

D. The prohibition against picking up strangers or hitchhikers and limitations on the transportation of non-official passengers;

E. The proper care, control and use of Company credit cards;

F. Mandatory use of seat belts by each occupant operating or riding in a government motor vehicle;

G. Any other duties and responsibilities assigned to motor vehicle operators with regard to the use, care, operation, and maintenance of government motor vehicles;