Our Project Contracting Officer will:

  1. Communicate the contractual, statutory, and other environmental, health and safety requirements to the contractor prior to the start of the contract;
  2. Ensure that the contractor’s safety and health plan is submitted with their bid package;
  3. Ensure that such requirements are addressed in the Request for Solicitation and/or contract paperwork; and
  4. Ensure that such requirements are observed.
  5. Upon receipt of a report of a noncompliance or any condition which poses a serious or imminent danger to health or safety, issue a request for immediate corrective action from the contractor.

Our Project Compliance Officer will, prior to the start of the contract, inform the contractor of the requirement to observe all environmental, health, and safety provisions specified in the contract, provided by statutes/regulations or otherwise required.

Our Project Compliance Officer and his/her representative will:

  1. Ensure our Safety and Health Manager is provided with a copy of the contractor's written health and safety plan for review prior to the pre-construction meeting with the contractor.
  2. Ensure our Safety and Health Manager is represented at all pre-construction meetings held with contractors.
  3. Provide our Safety and Health Manager and our Security Officer with a tentative construction schedule for contractor’s on-site and immediate written notification of changes.
  4. Notify our Company’s Management of the contractor work schedule, location, and special precautions or concerns prior to the start of the project.
  5. Monitor the contractor's work performance and determine if contractor is complying with the contract health and safety plan and pertinent environmental, health, and safety regulations. Any questions regarding compliance with specific regulations should be referred to our Safety and Health Manager.