Engineering Controls


Flammable Liquid - a liquid with a flashpoint below 1000F

Class IA - flashpoint below 730F and boiling point below 1000F

Class IB - flashpoint below 730F and boiling point above 1000F

Class IC - flash at or above 730F and below 1000F Combustible Liquids - a liquid having a flash point at or above 1000 F. Class II Combustibles - Flashpoint above 1000F and below 1400F Class III Combustibles - Flashpoint at or above 1400F

Subclass IIIA - flashpoint at or above 1400F and below 2000F

Subclass IIIB - flashpoint at or above 2000F Substitution: Relatively safe materials sometimes may substitute flammable liquids in order to reduce the risk of fires. Any substituted material should be stable and nontoxic and should either be nonflammable or have a high flashpoint.

Storage & Usage of Flammable Liquids:

Flammable and combustible liquids require careful handling at all times. The proper storage of flammable liquids within a work area is very important in order to protect personnel from fire and other safety and health hazards.