current one for each chemical, while discarding all other out of date MSDS’s. To obtain further information or assistance in interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets, contact the Safety and Health Manager. A Material Safety Data Sheet must be developed and sent with those products that are synthesized by the Company, and distributed outside of the Centers in accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard [29 CFR Part 1910.1200(f)(1-5)] if they contain hazardous chemicals in concentrations greater than one percent (or 0.1% for carcinogens). It is the responsibility of the Company laboratory synthesizing the product to develop and distribute the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Employee Training and Information:

A. Training:

It is the responsibility of Supervisors to recognize when training is needed for his/her Employee(s) and to arrange for such training. Supervisors are not responsible to provide any training (in the sense that he must develop and present the training program) but rather must recognize the need for training and arrange for his Employee(s) to receive it.

This training is available in several formats:

Employee(s) must be trained on the proper safeguards, safe use, and physical and health hazards of hazardous chemicals used on the job before beginning work with those chemicals or whenever a new hazardous chemical or procedure is introduced into their work area. Also, it is recommended that Employee(s) receive annual training updates.

Training will include at least the following topics: