(Non Laboratories)


This Hazard Communication requires SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. to provide information about the hazardous chemicals that Employee(s) will be exposed to, chemical product labels and other forms of warning, material safety data sheets related to the chemicals, appropriate training, and a written hazard communication program. The Safety and Health Manager has the specific responsibility for implementing the plan. Supervisors of Employee(s) have the responsibility to insure the Safety Plan is carried out. The Safety and Health Manager is also responsible for providing consultation and specific training when needed.

Supervisors who have Employee(s) who work in areas where hazardous chemicals are stored, handled or used are responsible for:

creating and maintaining an inventory of all hazardous chemicals;
ensuring proper labeling of all hazardous chemicals;
acquiring and maintaining material safety data sheets for all hazardous chemicals located in the work area;
informing Employee(s) of
any operations in their work area where hazards chemicals are present, and
the location and availability of the written hazard communication program, the chemical inventory, and material safety data sheets; and training Employee(s) about hazardous chemicals used in the work area.

Hazardous Chemicals Inventory:

Supervisor(s), or his/her designee, is required to maintain a list of all hazardous chemicals known to be present in each work area (e.g. shop area, section, etc.) and to update the list as necessary. This inventory list must identify each hazardous chemical by the primary name on the label AND the manufacturer or distributor of the chemical. The inventory list must be kept in or near the work area and accessible to anyone requesting it.

A three ring binder, with the cover clearly labeled "HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS is satisfactory.

This inventory shall list all hazardous chemicals found in the work area or such inventory shall be represented by the Material Safety Data Sheets.