Employee(s) shall be trained using the following lifting and placing of load strategies:

Lifting or lowering from a high place

Stand on a platform instead of a ladder
Lift the load in smaller pieces, if possible
Slide the load as close to ones self as possible before lifting
Grip firmly and slide it down
Get help when they need it to avoid injury
Lifting from hard-to-get-at places
Get as close to the load as possible
Keep the back straight, stomach muscles tight
Push buttocks out behind you
Bend the knees
Use leg, stomach, and buttock muscles to lift -- not the back
Lifting drums, barrels, and cylinders
Use mechanical assists
Be aware that loads can shift
Get help if load is too heavy
Awkward objects
Bend the knees with feet spread
Grip the top outside and bottom inside corners
Use the legs to lift, keeping back straight
Make sure their grip and balance are solid
Tighten the abdomen as they lift
Keep the shovel close to the body
Use the strength of the thigh muscles to bring them to an upright position
Increase their leverage by keeping their bottom hand low and toward the blade
General safety tips
Don’t lift objects over their head
Don’t twist the body when lifting or setting an object down
Don’t reach over an obstacle to lift a load
Pace ones self to avoid fatigue