SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC will ensure that potential back injury risk factors within the facility are evaluated and controlled. This standard practice instruction is intended to address comprehensively the issues of; evaluating and identifying back injury hazards, evaluating engineering controls, work practices, administrative controls, and establishing appropriate procedures.


The Safety and Health Manager is responsible for all facets of this program and has full authority to make necessary decisions to ensure success of the program. The Safety and Health Manager will develop written detailed instructions covering each of the basic elements in this program, and is the sole person authorized to amend these instructions. The Safety and Health Manager is authorized to halt any operation of the Company where there is danger of serious personal injury.

The Company Workplace Back Safety:

Written Program: The Company will review and evaluate this standard practice instruction:

On an annual basis; or
When changes occur to 29 CFR, that prompt revision of this document; or
When facility operational changes occur that require a revision of this document; or
When there is an accident or close-call that relates to this area of safety; or
Review the program any time these procedures fail.

Effective implementation of this program requires support from all levels of Management within The Company. This written program will be communicated to all personnel that are affected by it. It encompasses the total workplace, regardless of the number of workers employed or the number of work shifts. It is designed to establish clear goals and objectives.


Supervisors will determine whether training required for specific jobs will be conducted in a classroom or on-the-job. The degree of training provided shall be determined by the complexity of the job and the associated hazards.