Communicating With Employee(s) on Safety and Health Issues

Communicating with Employee(s) regarding health and safety issues must be a two way street. It must consist of both employer-to-Employee(s) and Employee(s)-to-employer communications. Employee(s) will be trained through the formal Safety and Health Program, new Employee(s) orientation, and training specific to new or current job assignments and/or hazards.

Reporting of Safety and Health Hazards:

SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. has a system for the Employee(s) to report a hazard or unsafe condition. The form on the next page will be used for reporting and documenting such hazards. The Employee(s) should also notify his/her immediate supervisor verbally of such hazard or condition. The “Safety Suggestion Form” will be sent to the Employee(s)’s supervisor or designated Safety Manager. A prompt and thorough investigation will be conducted of the situation.


As a routine part of the Safety and Health Program, any postings required by State and Federal law will be prominently displayed in Employee(s) areas. The Primary Posting area is herein designated to be the immediate area surrounding the time-clock.


SIGN DESIGN & FABRICATION, INC. has training requirements designed to instruct each Employee(s) on general safety procedures as well as safety procedures specific to the Employee(s)’s job. These training requirements are described in greater detail in the chapter entitled Safety Education and Training Program.

Employee(s) Safety Handbook:

All Employee(s) will be provided with an Employee(s) Safety Handbook before they are to begin work and at the time of orientation. (Management will photocopy pages 56 through page 265 of this Manual, staple the pages together, and give it to every Employee(s) and new hire). They are to read the handbook and acknowledge its receipt by filling out the second page of the handbook. This page will be removed from the handbook and placed in their personnel record.